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Arts and Wine - Terra Ignis presents to you Wine Route BCC

From: 2017-01-01
to: 2017-12-31

Arts and Wine - Terra Ignis presents to you Wine Route BCC



Getting to know Cascais is also about getting to know the renowned wines of our region.


Did you know that Carcavelos and Colares are the smallest demarcated regions (DOC) in Portugal and Europe?


We want to invite you to taste the exclusive nectars produced in these three demarcated regions, Bucelas, Carcavelos and Colares (Rota BCC).


Choose from the various Arts and Wine - Terra Ignis proposals, always accompanied by surprising traditional delicacies, creating wonderful explosions of flavors.


Wine route BCC (Bucelas, Carcavelos e Colares)

The three demarcated regions gave the route its name, recognized since early twenty century has a surprising variety of unique and historic wines ranging from the red Colares aged in wood, to the fruity whites and sparkling wines of Bucelas’s arinto and the ambivalent generous Carcavelos wine enjoyed both as an aperitif or as a digestive.



The unique style of arinto Bucelas wine, has been recognized for centuries. It is thought that the Phoenicians and the Romans already cultivated the arinto. Known by Shakespeare as the “charneco”, became a famous at the English court, by the hand of General Wellington known there as Lisbon hock.

It is produced in the Bucelas demarcated region, created in 1911, within a specific microclimate and an exceptional “terroir”. In these complex wines, with citrus color and fruity flavor and aroma, stand acidity and minerality. For this are greatly appreciated white wines recognized and awarded at national and international level.


Main grape varieties, white: Arinto, Sercial (Esgana Cão) e Rabo de Ovelha



A white fortified wine of an agreeable sweetness, with a pungent taste; this is an assessment made in the 18th century about Carcavelos wine, produced in Oeiras e Caparide (Cascais), demarcated region since 1908.

The generous wine produced here is part of the Portuguese heritage, closely linked to the country's history, its exports and the Marquis of Pombal, first Count of Oeiras.


Main grape varieties, red: Castelão e Preto Martinho

Main grape varieties, white: Galego Dourado, Ratinho e Arinto



Colares, resting upon two hills of the Sintra Mountain, has been a demarcated region since 1908. Here the famous velvety Colares Wine is produced. Needing at least 18 months to reach its peak for drinking, this wine is a real treasure for its connoisseurs. With a low alcohol content, it can be stored in bottles for many years.


Main grape varieties, red: Ramisco

Main grape varieties, white: Malvasia

By: Rota Vinhos BCC


For more information, please contact: Arts and Wine - Terra Ignis.