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The Paula Rego’s House of Stories -

From: 2016-12-07
to: 2017-02-26

The Paula Rego’s House of Stories - "On the beach" Exhibition

From December 7th to February 26th 2017, the House of Stories Paula Rego receives the exhibition "On the Beach" which gathers works of the artist during the 80's, curated by Catarina Alfaro. The centerpiece is "On the Beach", created in 1985 and presented in October of this year in London at the Frieze Masters, and was recently deposited by a private collector in the House of Stories Paula Rego, becoming part of its collection.

The works of the 1980s express a radically new visual language to tell their stories, creating an ambiguous and complex universe of interaction between humans, animals, plants and hybrids. Humanized creatures by physical attributes and behaviors were part of peculiar narratives and situations.

These works, with common formal characteristics, quickly remind us of the Comic Strip universe - both formal simplification and limited palette - because black outline lines flow in an overlapping of animated characters.

For more information please visit the official website of Paula Rego's House of Stories.