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Paula Rego's House of Stories – “Old Meets New” Exhibition

From: 2016-05-25
to: 2017-02-26

Paula Rego's House of Stories – “Old Meets New” Exhibition

Between 25 May 2016 and 26 February 2017, Paula Rego's House of Stories is hosting the “Old Meets New” exhibition, which displays the artist's latest works, produced between 2013 and 2015. The painting series d' A Relíquia (The Relic) (2013) and d' O Primo Basílio (Cousin Basilio) (2015) are inspired by the novels of the same names by Eça de Queirós in a return to the narratives of the XIX century author.

In Paula Rego's recent work, these scenes are staged, represented and reinterpreted in an intimate space where these stories are given a life of their own through live models - and especially Lila Nunes - who follow the artists' visions, and in turn enrich them with their experiences and their own versions of the stories.

They are, therefore, true tableaux in which everything is staged in detail, with three dimensional models being built, fantastic creatures with a materiality manufactured with the same artist impulse.

For her new series of works, Paula Rego establishes the narrative start pointing as the moral and social dramas created at the end of the XIX century. In a direct relationship to the literature surrounding customs criticism, she reinterprets the political, social and psychological portrait of Portuguese society.

For more information, see the Paula Rego's House of Stories official website.