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Cascais and Estoril: an unbeatable duo, even when playing ball

From: 2017-04-29
to: 2017-05-07

Cascais and Estoril: an unbeatable duo, even when playing ball

A sports event – and more


Between 29 April and 7 May, the Estoril Open Tennis Tournament will be held at Clube de Ténis de Estoril, the Estoril Tennis Club. Founded in 1945, the Club holds a special place in the locals’ hearts, and nowadays, its premises are designed to provide a enjoyable and pleasant experience for both the players and the viewers.


Estoril is one of the oldest parishes in the Cascais municipality. If you have a car, driving down the Marginal road is a good way for you to get to know this area. In alternative, you can also take the train and enjoy a lovely ride. One way or another, you’ll be able to let yourself be charmed by the unique way the sea touches and blends into the shore.


One of the winning points that make Estoril Open so appealing is the opportunity to see the great figures of the tennis world playing live, like nobody else can. The crowd goes wild: some people even enjoy seeing the speed with which the players serve. The younger fans scream and cheer for their favourite player, and it’s not unusual for them to ask for towels or wristbands in the end, to keep as a souvenir.


Players from all over the world are attending this event: Luxembourg, Spain, Argentine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Australia, Japan, Tunisia. Portugal is also participating, represented by João Sousa and Gastão Elias. In January, the organization confirmed that Juan Martín del Potro, known as the Gentle Giant from Tandil, would be present. Estoril Open is the only Portuguese event that is a part of the ATP World Tour circuit.


The atmosphere is familiar and lively: the ball boys and ball girls, and other volunteers, are often young people that practice tennis. And above all, everyone is there to celebrate the sport itself. People of all nationalities show up, and, of course, each person is cheering for the player representing their own country. But when all is said and done, everyone is simply rooting for an excellent show, fair play, an emotional event and to just have fun.


Not just a sport


Regardless if you’re a tennis aficionado or not, this event is hard to resist: the weather at this time of the year is pleasant, and there are a number of things you can do in Estoril and Cascais.


For starters, you can make a trip to the beach. Both the Tamariz Beach and the Poça Beach are located right by the place where the event is being held. Since most of the games are at 12pm or 6pm, depending on the days, you can spend your morning relaxing by the sea and working up the energy to cheer for your favourite player.


And after the games? There is always something to do: at night, you can go and visit the Estoril Casino and try your luck. Don’t forget to try the wonderful cuisine at one of the many restaurants in the area. The seafood, a delicious and fresh option, is not to be missed. For something sweet, try the Areias de Cascais (Cascais Sands), a simple but delightful cookie that you can easily find in several restaurants, cafes and at the Mercado da Vila (Cascais Town Market).


When you visit the town of Cascais, you should consider taking a walk in the marina. It’s not every day you can applaud great athletes in a place as welcoming as Cascais. Have we mentioned how friendly the locals are? Just one more reason to visit this town.


The date is set for 29 Abril. We’ll be waiting for you!