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IGPOTY 2017 Exhibition at Park of Monserrate

From: 2017-04-06
to: 2017-10-09

IGPOTY 2017 Exhibition at Park of Monserrate

From 6 April to 9 October, Park of Monserrate will host the open air IGPOTY (International Garden Photographer of the Year) exhibition. Here you will find the 39 winners of the premier international competition for garden, plant, flower and botanical photographers.


This year, the 10th edition featured 18,000 participants from all over the world, both amateur and professional. Portuguese photographer Dina Vieira stood out by winning 2nd prize for the photograph “Roof Garden” and gaining an honourable mention in the “Greening in the City” category for the photograph “Under the Bridge”.


Dina Vieira is a professional motorsport photographer with more than 25 years of experience, but in 2012 she decided to change how she took pictures and embraced natural landscapes, in which Sintra's Parks have played a key part.

“Sintra Park, in its unique role in preserving and promoting nature and heritage, put on photography workshops, and I had the chance to take part in some in the marvellous Park of Monserrate, of which I am a huge fan.”


Her winning photographs reveal the contemplative power of landscapes, the living force of urban environments and the unparalleled beauty of nature.


Check out the official page for more information.