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June at parks and monuments of Sintra

From: 2017-06-01
to: 2017-06-30

June at parks and monuments of Sintra


June already smells of summer and is synonymous for relaxed days and weekends packed with outdoor programs. In the parks and monuments of Sintra, we celebrate the arrival of the hottest season of the year with Renaissance and Medieval music, trips through time and many activities in the open air that ensure entertaining and educating time well spent.


The first weekend of June sees the return of the cycle “Reencounters – Musical Memories in the Palace of Sintra”, in the oldest royal palace of Portugal. Throughout seven concerts, taking place from 2 to 24 June, in the Swan Room in the National Palace of Sintra, we journey through the history of this monument and recover the repertoires of the Medieval and Renaissance periods.


On Saturday, 3 June, there is another voyage into the past with the latest “Art of Medieval War” event in the Moorish Castle, this time given over to the theme “From al-Ândalus to the Re-conquest”. From 10am to 6pm, visitors may embark on a tour back to the 12th century, an epoch of great historical events in Sintra. This historical recreation includes demonstrations of weapons both for hand-to-hand combat and for siege operations. At the end of each presentation, visitors may handle the equipment under duly qualified supervision.


On Saturday, 17 June, beginning at 10am, in the Farmyard of Monserrate, there is the chance to learn all about “The World of Bees and Other Pollinating Insects”. In this initiative, recommended for families with children aged over eight, there is the opportunity to discover the crucial role that bees perform in the reproduction of plants, in the sustainability of both forests generally and planet earth specifically and, consequently, of human life. The end of this activity includes a honey-tasting event.


Sunday, 18 June, beginning at 10.30am, is the day of the “Concert for babies” in the Palace of Monserrate. With excerpts from classical music, especially arranged for babies, this concert invites you to experience an imaginary adventure of “One Day in the Forest”, through sung stories featuring characters such as the cuckoo that whistled, the running ant, the painted lizard and the disappeared fairy.