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March 2017 at Parks and Monuments of Sintra

From: 2017-03-01
to: 2017-03-31

March 2017 at Parks and Monuments of Sintra


March brings spring with it, and Parks and Monuments of Sintra brings a programme full of activities including music, history and nature that you won't want to miss.




From March 4th to 25th, Great Hall of the National Palace of Pena: Come and watch four Musical Evenings dedicated to a range of 19th century personalities, from composers to fine artists, both Portuguese and foreign. Check out the programme.




March 11th, National Palace of Queluz: Bring your family and embark upon an impressive “Journey to 18th Century Court”, a period recreation that will allow you to discover the Palace's nooks and crannies.


March 12th, National Palace of Pena: Take part in a guided tour of the exhibition “Fernando Coburgo fecit: the artistic activity of the king-consort” and explore the monarch's drawings, engravings and documents. The exhibition runs until April 30th.


March 19th, National Palace of Sintra: Find out where “The King's Treasure” is hidden in a game of clues and puzzle to solve as a family.




March 18th, Tapada of Monserrate: With your backpack on, take a trip “From the park to the Tapada: nature in Sintra and Mafra” and be fascinated by natural beauty and history of these places.


March 18th and 19th, National Palace of Sintra: Come and see the “Exhibition of Camellias and Orchids”, which will feature sales of plants, tea tasting and various demonstrations. Free entrance.


March 25th, Palace of Monserrate has various specially planned activities for the general public:


- “Feel the Heritage - Discovering Monserrate Park through Sensations”, a visit destined for blind or visually impaired people.

- “Monserrate Gardens without Barriers”, a special visit for people with limited mobility.

- “Heritage in Gestures”, a special visit for the hearing impaired, with the activity therefore interpreted in Portuguese Sign Language.


March 25th, Farmyard of Monserrate: Take part in “Bird Ringing on the Farm” and learn to tell apart diverse species of birds and discover their main characteristics. The initiative marks International Forest Day (March 21st).


March 26th, Farmyard of Monserrate: The activity “It's Certainly a Saloia Farm” invites the whole family to uncover and participate in the daily customs that obtained in the rural Saloia region during the 19th century.


Every Saturday, Tapada of D. Fernando II: In “There Are Donkeys Here!” activity, children get to know this docile animal. The activity ends with a walk through the forest guided by the adults.




March 15th, Henrique Calado Riding Ring: Presentations from the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.
March 31st, Henrique Calado Riding Ring: Gala of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.
To watch the training, check this month's calendar.


For more information on these and other events, please contact Parques de Sintra - Monte da Lua:
+351 21 923 73 00