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Gordinni Marina de Cascais

Marina de Cascais, Lj 56 (piso térreo), 2750-348 Cascais
Gordinni Marina de Cascais     Gordinni Marina de Cascais

Initially located on the top floor of the Marina de Cascais, since 2006, the new space Gordinni Marina suffered profound works of refurbishment and is currently on the ground floor since May 2012.

Refined and welcoming space serving excellent Italian cuisine while retaining all the tradition and quality of the Group Gordinni.

Highlight a nice terrace overlooking the relaxed atmosphere of the Marina.

We have capability to receive groups and events up to 35/40 people.

Ask our Menu suggestions.

We are open everyday, between 12 am and 3 pm/7 pm and 12 pm.