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Banyan Tree Spa - Estoril

Rua Particular Hotel Palácio, 2769-504, Estoril
Banyan Tree Spa - Estoril     Banyan Tree Spa - Estoril

A unique Asian-inspired spa

The “Termas do Estoril” is housed in the same building as the Banyan Tree Estoril, an Asian-inspired spa operated by one of the most luxurious spa chains in the world. With massages and treatments inspired by age-old Asian traditions, the Banyan Tree brings to Estoril a unique escape and wellness experience such as only one of the most luxurious spa chains in the world can offer.

A marriage of the most modern techniques and therapies but also of knowledge passed down from generation to generation, the Spa offers dozens of treatments that are a sanctuary for the senses, a feeling reinforced by an ambience characterised by comfort, elegance and a touch of the exotic.

It is this combination of different wisdoms and knowledge in a holistic approach to body and mind which enables the Banyan Tree to raise the experience of harmony to new limits, both in Estoril and in the various destinations that already enjoy the same privilege: the Maldives, the Seychelles, Thailand, Japan, China, Indonesia, Bahrain, Morocco and Mexico.

Tranquillitybalance and harmony

From exclusive treatments inspired by the age-old traditions of various Asian countries to massage and beauty sessions, the Spa offers an unparalleled range of treatments in sessions lasting up to 180 minutes.

All of these are performed by therapists exclusively trained at the Banyan Tree Academies using most highly valued, time-honoured essential oils, salts, herbs and spices.

The sessions end with 30 minutes of relaxation, which include a foot treatment, a refreshing herbal drink and a few minutes of calm and contemplation.
T: (+351) 21 465 86 00
F: (+351) 214 665 512