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Real Spa Therapy - Cascais

Grande Real Villa Itália Hotel & Spa 

Rua Frei Nicolau de Oliveira, 100 - 2750-319 Cascais

Real Spa Therapy - Cascais     Real Spa Therapy - Cascais

The sea is an inexhaustible source of wealth that has always inspired Portugal.

Collector of dreams and adventures, it led us to discover the world. 

Today, we invite you to discover the healing properties of this Portuguese heritage through Thalassotherapy, a therapeutic treatment of health and beauty whose natural ingredient is seawater.

At Real Spa Therapy, we make the most of the wealth of each region and its natural ingredients to ensure that the results are even more effective. Typically Portuguese elements are added to all the treatments so as to enhance the intended results.

With more than 1000m2 exclusively dedicated to your emotional and physical health, a relaxing atmosphere inspired by the Roman bath-houses, and in perfect harmony with nature, our Real Spa Therapy is the perfect haven for a unique experience of health and well-being.

10 Treatment rooms, Swimming pool with Thalassotherapy Circuit, Relaxation areas, cocoons, hydro massages, among other facilities, and a specialized technical team, at Real Spa Therapy we use the most innovative therapeutic techniques to achieve specific benefits tailored to the objectives of each person

In our Spas we provide you with unparalleled experience where time is only the starting point for a voyage to a heady sea of sensations.


Open daily from 8h to 20h.