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AGEAS CoolJazz

15/04/2024 to 31/07/2024

Parque Marechal Carmona

About the event "AGEAS CoolJazz "
20 years of Ageas Cooljazz. The Live Experiences presents the Ageas Cooljazz first edition in 2004, a summer festival that is different.
As the years went by, so did the iconic concerts, artists were born at the festival, and the audience became more surrendered to artistic criteria, as well as the comfort of the space.
The Ageas Cooljazz became unquestionably one of the most important cultural events in Portugal, assuming their differentiation from year to year and focusing on what sets you apart: a unique cultural lineup, the unique beauty of green spaces, enjoying the architectural landscape, the comfort of having a market sit in a summer festival and the focus in the sustainability since from the first hour of his birth.

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